CIS and Prevx SO

I have installed the Facebook version,it runs along with CIS 4 full suite.The problem is,after i open a browser,IE or Firefox (it happens with both) the web browsing is normal,speed normal,ok…but when i close the browser,suddenly my CPU is at 100%.I checked Task Manager,and i saw that minutes after minutes after the browser is closed,it’s still open in background and “eating” my CPU.I have to end it manually.Needless to say that after uninstalling SO everything is normal.
But the odd thing is after all that,i uninstalled CIS and installed OA Premium and Avast.And PrevX SO behaves absolutely normal with these two.No more browsers running in the background.
Any experiences like mine with CIS and SO?
PS.In the screenshot,no web browser is open (in fact the browsers were closed about 2 minutes before the snapshot),but they are running in the background.

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I’ve been using CIS for a few years and Prevx SO for a few months. I experience this unclosed browser problem occasionally for years with or without Prevx SO.

I have CIS 4.1 and Prevx SO on a XP sp3 machine and everything is fine.

Maybe a 7 problem?
Well,it seems that this combo doesn’t like my machine.I will try again SO when CIS 5 will be ready.

I forgot to tell you, on that machine I excluded the total CIS folder from prevx scanning and I excluded the prevx folder from CIS. Maybe you should do that, it could prevent the problems that you are having.

I have CIS (firewall only, no D+ and sandbox) with PrevxSO (full version) and don’t have that problem on Win7 Ultimate 32-bit.
But I can remember having the same problem 6 months ago and wasn’t able to solve it.
Maybe it’s cause of D+ or Sandbox, really can’t tell.

Thank you guys.Languy,i will try your solution and post back.

No,nothing helps.The problem remains,even though i received two mails from PrevX for helping me. :cry: