CIS and Palemoon question

I recently installed CIS on my Win 7 laptop. I use both Google Chrome and a Firefox based browser, Palemoon Portable. Palemoon is running out of my Dropbox account so that I can access it from any computer, while retaining the same open webpages and settings. I followed the instructions Chiron gave in his setup guide (Chiron’s guide to installing CIS for maximum security with mimimum alerts ( I have discovered, however, that checking the box to “Filter IPv6 traffic”, as Chiron’s guide instructs, causes Google to give an error stating that the server can not be found. I’d like to keep the box checked to filter IPv6 traffic, yet be able to access Google in that browser. Can someone give instructions on how to set up my firewall so that I can do this? I do not have this problem in Google Chrome.

Thank you in advance.

You need to create global rules to allow incoming ICMPv6 messages. They are packet too big, time exceeded, router advertisement (type 134),and neighbor solicitation (type 135).!APFJLSEAmGLFZYA&cid=B07593C98AFE7D91&id=B07593C98AFE7D91!419&parId=B07593C98AFE7D91!192&o=OneUp