CIS and my web page

Hi im having trouble getting my web page on the net, ive got c://windows xp as normal (thats ok) and ive got N:// for my web page.
But im using CIS now and i cant see how to config it, C’s all right but i cant see how to fit N can somebody please help me .
BEFORE i had nod32 which was easy.

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I am not quite understanding where the problem is. Is the problem with uploading the web site which you have stored locally on your hd?

Hi ive C://WINDOWS but i also have N://XAMPP which has (i have 7 drives) my web page on it .
C://WINDOWS is alright but im having trouble getting N://xampp to be seen on the net, i can see it with http://localhost on my pc, i managed it with NOD32 but ive changed from that to this CIS and i cant see how to do it.

Is the N drive an external or internal drive? Do I understand correctly that you can see the C drive from the web where you can’t see the N drive?

Internal drive and that’s right i can see the c drive but not the n drive from the web

Can you show me screenshots of your Global Rules and of your firewall logs (View Firewall Events) of around the time you are trying to access your drives?

Do you have one or more ports open for this purpose? What is your network set up?

As far as i now theres just one 80
Not sure what you mean network setup “ITS THE USAL ONE”

ps. now through playing with it i cant see it using https://localhost or

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Did you also make a custom rule for httpd.exe to allow for incoming TCP traffic? It would have the similar specs as the Incoming Port rule you made in Global Rules.

This is what a rule for incoming traffic at port 80 would look like:
Action: Allow
Protocol: TCP
Direction: IN

Source Address Any
Destination Address: your local IP address (if fixed) or MAC address or Host Name
Source Port: Any
Destination Port: 80

Well i think ive done it what with XAMPP & COMODO I got very confused (very very confused) but with a bit of jiggery pokery and YOU i thinked i managed it, THANK YOU.

Ive just reinstalled my cis and i can’t see how to figure it out, ive got 2 DRIVES on the PC 1) C:\WINDOWS on the PC and 2) Z:\xampplite on the PC now i can see C:\ OK but i can’t see Z:\XAMPPLITE I wonder if you could put up those snaps of the settings again to see if i can work it out THANKS.

Is the second hard drive an internal or an external hard drive?

No they are all drives within my PC. (internal)

Was the other drive visible in Windows before CIS was installed? Does it show up in the BIOS?

It always did show ok until i installed COMODO then i could only see C: not Z: as well. I think the trouble i had was in “NETWORK SECUIRITY POLICY” in “FIREWALL” i got Z:\XAMPPLITE\APACHE\BIN\HTTPD.EXE but then i coulndt decide which way to go. ITS 1.00pm and ive just found all is well BUT all ive got is this:
there no securtiy?

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Try making the custom rule for httd.exe as I suggested in the above and see if that helps.

Ive just done that and it seems alright so far thanks very much, ERICJH