CIS and MirrorFolder 4

Hi all

MirrorFolder (MirrorFolder: an automatic and continuous file synchronization and backup software) is a real-time mirroring and synchronization software to backup files from your local computer drive to another local/removable/network drive.

I have upgraded to CIS 3.5 and the two programs don’t get along well. System just gets unresponsive at startup, and eventually freezes, forcing a shut-down.

With my previous security configuration (CFP 3.0.25 + avast! 4.8) there were no problems.

Some more system info:
Windows XP SP3 32-bit
CIS 3.5.53896.424 x32
MirrorFolder 4.1.194

I have temporarily uninstalled MirrorFolder and everything is working well, but it would be great to have it working again.



I am having the same issue. I have posted a detailed bug report.

Have you tried putting D+ in training mode when running the backup program initiall?

Also Comodo Backup is recently out of Beta and in public release, might want to check it out.


Hi Eric, thanks for the response. I did look at Comodo backup while researching, before settling on MirrorFolder. I can give it another look, but since I’ve already paid for MirrorFolder, I would sure like it to work.

So are saying to install MirrorFolder, then put Defense+ into training mode, and then reboot the computer, as a test for the problem I reported in the detailed bug report linked above?