CIS and malwarebytes pro

can i use these? and what are the things i should think about

Hi ePLay,

If you do not use the Malwarebytes real-time scanner, then there should be no problem running Malwarebytes alongside Comodo Internet Security (CIS).

It general, it is not a good idea to have two real-time antimalware/antivirus scanners running at the same time because they can conflict with eachother. However, some programs with real-time scanning, such Superantispyware, are designed to to run alongside an antivirus program (See this link).

There is a known problem that arises when you use Malwarebytes real-time protection with CIS (see this thread). As far as I know, this issue has not been resolved (although there is a work-around that is posted in that same thread). Also, I did not see any information on the Malwarebytes website regarding its compatability with any other security programs.

For now, I would avoid using Malwarebytes real-time protection with CIS real-time protection. You can use Malwarebytes as an on-demand scanner while using CIS real-time without problems.


i have been seeing people that are using these combo. In malwarebytes forum they are saying that malwarebytes can use along with an AV. the thing that you have to do is to exlude everething.

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