CIS and Game Fort

Not sure if here is the right sub-forum, but I’m having some troubles with CIS and a program called Game Fort, normally used in some private servers of Ragnarök Online (as far as I know).

The problem is that it appears this program act in a way that CIS (not sure if it is only the Defense+ part) blocks it without ask, resulting in a error and thus making the game fail to run (since it runs before the game itself). All that this program do, according to GMs from the servers that use Game Fort, is encrypt the data of the server while you are running the game, acting like a firewall for the server side (blocking exploits and the so called bots).

Doing a quick research showed that this problem is CIS specific and other phew security programs. I already tried to add all the permissions that I found in CIS and disable it, but the error still happens. It only stopped when I removed CIS from my computers (I was testing in 2 machines, mine (running Win7) and the family computer (running XP SP3), and I also tested in a couple virtual machines(one using XP SP2)). Is there anything else that I could try or is Comodo Team already aware of this problem?

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In what mode are you running CIS? The default, Internet Security, mode?

Do the D+ logs show the blocking activity? Look under Defense + → Common Tasks → View Defense + Events and show a screenshot of them.

Try disabling D+ permanently (requires a reboot) and see what happens. Go to Defense + → Advanced → Defense + Settings to disable.

Well, I tried to disable Defense+, but the error still happened. I also tried to use the installer that apparently only comes with the firewall stuff…same result :-\ . I believe that I don’t have the logs anymore, as I already removed CIS from my machines (well, it’s bootcamp installation, if anything goes badly wrong, I will always have OSX to help me create a new Windows for games), but I don’t want to leave the family computer unprotected (I also removed CIS from there, briefly I hope).

All the people that I have talked strongly dis-recommended Comodo for games, as a 4 years user, I wish that wasn’t true, but for some games trying new anti-exploit protection that is true. The bad is that GMs seem to love this Game Fort, and I believed that I read one person that helped or analysed the code say that this program kinda act like a malware, but is only because it encrypts the data of something (in this case the files and data traded with the game server).