CIS and FF4

Hello guys,

i´ve a question about CIS 5.3 Complete and the new browser Firefox 4.

Is Comodo IS Complete 2011 completely compatible with Firefox 4?


Hi Deluxe, welcome to the forums.

Yes, CIS 5 is completely compatible with Firefox 4.

hey and warm welcome to comodo forums Deluxe :slight_smile:

I have tried FF4 and it works perfectly fine with CIS.

Valentin N

I have FF 4 and Minefield on both my Vista x32 and Win7 x64 computers each of which run Comodo and I’ve had no problems running any of the 4 browsers.


i have a problem with ff4 since its 8th beta which wasent solved or answered,any ideas?
check this bug report link :
bsod when closing sandboxed firefox 4 beta 8 [NBZ]

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