CIS and "Error 1603"

When trying to install Comodo Internet Security, this error shows:

Actually this is what I (or GeekBuddy’s “stuff”) tried to do:

Try the following.

First boot to Windows Safe Mode and run this unofficial clean up tool.

Then boot back to Windows and install Windows Installer Clean Up utility. This tool will remove installer related information from your Windows and can be used to tackle problems with Windows Installer. The tool does not uninstall programs.

Does that do the trick?

Oh, I forgot. Almost 3 different Comodo-related clean-up tools were started in my PC…
Yeah, this tool does not uninstall programs but make some programs unstable… I don’t want this.

Cleaning in Safe Mode is the way to go. Or do it manually in Safe Mode. I can give you a list of registry keys and folders where to delete stuff.

Yeah, this tool does not uninstall programs but make some programs unstable... I don't want this.
I have used this tool on several ocasions and worked for me and did not mess with other program's installations. When needed it is worth to give it a try though.

These tools were started on safe mode.
So… How to use this tool (Windows Installer Clean-Up)?

After you started Windows Installer Cleanup Utility you will see a list of programs. If CIS is on that list select it and remove it.

Notice that to successfully reinstall CIS it is mandatory to remove it completely. I recommend to do that in Safe Mode as none of the drivers or services or CIS will be running. In safe mode use the clean up tool or do a manual clean up. Let me know if you want the list registry keys and files to move for a manual clean up.

But I didn’t installed ANY Comodo software before.

But you did try to install CIS in the process. So we need to make sure it is first properly uninstalled before we can give it another try.

Can you translate what the error message about error 1603 says?

There’s no any Comodo partially installed. No Comodo in the programs list.
Translated error:
Unable to install COMODO Internet Security.
Error: 1603. Critical error during installation.

But there could still be files and registry keys from the attempted installation on the computer.

Running the clean up tool, as suggested by EricJH, will remove these so you can hopefully install it correctly this time. It’s worth trying.

Someone just didn’t read the whole topic. As I said before, “almost 3 different Comodo-related clean-up tools were started in my PC…”. Also from topic whereof EricJH gave me a link.
That tool fixed it.
Thanks for help anyway. :-TD