CIS and ease of use

Hello! 2 posts back to back! For my question, I am using CIS (latest version) and while I am a ‘advanced’ (sorta) computer user, I would like to put CIS on my moms computer. She has a habit of going to sites that offer freebies and such and some of them may be… bad, in terms of phishing and so on. I love comodo but notice that the defense plus application can sometimes pop up with information about blocking programs that even I dont know if they should be blocked, and sometimes it asks about programs that windows itself uses that i know cannot be blocked (or my computer would throw a fit). Is there a special setting I could use on CIS so my mother can use the programs and safely surf the internet and all her freebie and opinion sites? Thanks!

Hello, setting CIS the firewall and D+ to safe mode, should reduce the popup’s for safe files dramatically. Unfortunately some safe files will still generate pop ups, but hopefully to a extent so your mother will be able to still use CIS.

A thing you could do is if you know she uses eg, skype, firefox and some other writing software, is to open those and if they popup, make a allow rule for those, hopefully your mother will receive very few popups if you make allow rules for her favorite applications before she starts using the computer… Don’t forget that some apps are still bad, and CIS alerting for those is a good thing!

(:HUG) (:HUG)