CIS and Connection problems with local network


I am using Comodo Internet Security in Windows 7 Premium Home Edition system. I am recently having problems with connection to my external router. I am sure CIS causes that because when I switch it off everything’s working as expected.

I am using 3 comps at home. The local network at computer I 'm having problem with is set to be have addresses according to this configuration: I’d like to set CIS to allow transfer between all computers in that network. In Firewall → Network Security Policy → Network Zones I have created my new Local Area Network as this: “IP In [ /]”. The problem is that sometimes CIS does not recognise this network and block my connection with router. Consequently, I am getting automatically different address such as / (this is pretty much automatic IP given to machine which is not connected to any network).

How should I configure CIS to avoid further problems like above. I was thinking of setting range of addresses but the configuration “NETWORK address / MASK” should do the work, shouldn’t it?

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CIS usually identifies new networks it’s connected to and creates a zone by whichever name you decide, however, you can also do this manually.

In Network zones create a zone that encompasses all addresses on your LAN, for example with a mask of Once done go to stealth ports wizard and choose the first option. ‘Define a new trusted network and stealth my ports to everyone else’ choose the name of the zone you created and click ok.

This will create two global rules and two application rules for the system process. These rules allow most communication between devices on a LAN (assuming you do this on each PC) If you’re using Windows 7 Homegroups, svchost.exe will need similar rules.

That’s the brilliant response. Thank you very much :slight_smile: