CIS and connection dialogue box help

hi since the update to the new CIS (with the red system tray icon) i’ve been having the dial up connection box appear before i’ve connected to the internet.

the internet connection is dealt with by the browser, using a different dialogue box but this dial up box keeps appearing. It may be totally innocent and just a shared use but i don’t like unknown dialogue boxes on my pc, especially that require action to clear them. i’d like to know if i can turn it off somewhere in the settings but i can’t find anything in CIS. it does have the comodo red icon in the taskbar when it’s on screen.

can anyone help me trace it’s origin and maybe turn it off?
appreciate any help thanks

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What browser do you use? Can it be that comodo asks for your permission? I think comodo wants your okey in order for you to open your browser.

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Valentin N

hi no it’s nothing to do with the browser. i should have said i’m using winxp sp2 also.

after windows boot up and reaching desktop, i’ll click on my browser and it will connect instantly as that’s how i’ve set it. however comodo wants to connect to the internet first also and offers up the dial up connection box which i have to close. it used to be that by closing that it would close my internet connection through the browser but it doesn’t seem to do that any more.

i’d just like to make sure it’s connected to commodo and turn it off. my guess is when i click on my browser and the internet connection is launched, the firewall tries to check it but it finds no connection at the time, so offers the other connection box.

could you make a screenshot once? this is how you attach a file. Press on Additional Options… and there you can attach the screen shot.


Valentin N

what happens if you disable all “online features of comodo”. cloud and update features. (cloud is in antivirus, and in defense+ (go through the tabs and windows, and look for words “online, cloud, lookup, update”))

maybe comodo tries to go to the internet, and as your dial up is dealt per case, comodo causes a case.

i am not used to dial up. unexpected dial ups sound to me like “dialer”.
thats why its usefull to test if comodos online features are the reason for this box to appear.

since the “red version”, there is the cloud. that might explain why you notice this now. might.

when you dont have a flat rate, a cloud feature can be expencive.

the antivirus update should not be disabled long (just a remind).

and update to service pack 3. the old one doesnt get updates since june 2010.

+1 A Screen shot would be handy
More details what the dialog box looks like and what it says;

Screenshot Post (How To)

Quick Question,
Does the dialog look like the picture i have attached?


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hi ok here it is: i’ve covered my info obviously

Try More > Pref > Proxy
Import the settings from IE.

Did this help?

Do I understand correctly you are on dial up connection? And that you don’t want to be disturbed by, probably CIS, trying to phone how and start a dialer dialogue?

Disable the following;
AV → Scanner Settings → Real Time Settings → automatically update virus database
More → Preferences → General → Automatically check for program updates
Defense + → Defense + Behaviour Settings → Image Execution Control → Perform Cloud based behaviour analysis of unknown files
Defense + → Defense + Behaviour Settings → Image Execution Control → Automatically scan unrecongised files in the cloud

I hope I didn’t forget a setting here.