CIS and Comodo AV separate install?


I installed CIS on my sytem, but only the FW and Defense component, without the AV.
My question: is this possible install the Comodo AV, if the CIS is already installed (so: separate install), and use Comodo AV only on-demand scanner, without resident shield?


It is possible, simply run ‘Add Remove Components’. But, currently, it is not recommended to add the AV component until severe issues with it are resolved.

It’s only a bad idea to install the AV if you are running the Beta. If you’re running V4.1 then there is not a problem installing it via 'Add Remove Components.

The version of my Comodo FW: latest, that available from comodo home page.

OK so go to Start>All Programs>Comodo>CIS and choose Add and remove components. You can then select to add the av.

Once installed you can then right click the tray icon and disable it.

What are the issues with the AV component??

Are they all resolved in CIS v4.1.150349.920??

That was mistakenly posted in this topic and referred to CIS 5 beta not to 4.1.

Not mistaken. No mention of version# and current line of questions (at that time) was with the former v5 beta.

Just to be clear.

I am looking at CIS v4.1.150349.920 (free version)

Any issues with AV in this version of CIS??

You are fine with 4.1, the problems referred to by John were with the first CIS5 beta which you can read about in the beta section.

4.1 should be completely stable for you.