CIS and Cisco AnyConnect not playing nice?

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I have not posted anything here in forever. I am still a very happy CIS user (thank you Melih!).

I have an issue with Cisco’s AnyConnect Mobility software. I need to use it at work. It looks like it installs properly. I looks like I can log into it properly. It shows that it is connected. But, it does not show any network traffic or Internet connectivity. I have done installs, reinstalls, changing permissions, trying to disable Comodo’s firewall, disabling ICS, backflips, running with the bulls in Pamplona, etc. Nothing I seem to do makes any difference. Does anyone in this forum have any ideas?

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Through practical testing I have determined that the current version of CIS will not play nice with the current version of Cisco AnyConnect (3.1.05160). Since Cisco went to version(s) 3.1.xxxxx I have not been able to use AnyConnect. Comodo and AnyConnect used to play nice, but not now. I must be able to use AnyConnect in my job. At least for right now I have been forced to discontinue use of CIS, albeit it reluctantly since I have had great luck with Comodo for about ten years. I have a 30 day trial of BitDefender w/a ZoneAlarm chaser. Hopefully Comodo can look into this conflict with AnyConnect so I can return to using CIS. I will check back in about a month.

Kind of sad no responded. I finally had some time to experiment as to why Cisco AnyConnect was not fully functional with Comodo AV/Firewall (AnyConnect installation and login was fine, just could not connect with any devices). It turns out just Comodo Firewall has a conflict. Comodo AV has no conflicts. So, currently running a Comodo AV/ZoneAlarm cocktail. I wish that the needed fixes are applied to Comodo Firewall. After all, it was the Firewall that got my attention years ago. Thanks all. Comodo is still a great product, just have an issue with this glitch.

Hi grayhair,

You might want to consider a bug report.

Also, did you allow it explicitly under “Application Rules” ?
More information here.