CIS and Ccleaner

I wonder if Ccleaner can somehow delete CIS settings, because often after running Ccleaner the last thing before shutting down the computer after the next starpup every D+ sandbox bypassing rules and full virus scan memories (main window says that I have not done a full scan yet allthoug it was the last thing I did in the evening) are gone. And CIS seems not to be able to remember these in the futer either but always asks the same questions again after reboot-cycle.
Can it be Ccleaner?

CIS is notorious for its amnesia while Ccleaner is renowned for its stability and integrity.

Even with the CCEnhancer additions to its application rules which now total 86 functions CCleaner has no rules set for any Comodo software and I have never known CCleaner to alter any Comodo settings on my computer in all of the many 100’s of times I’ve used it.


Re alerts after ccleaner clean.

I’m guessing that what may be happening here is that CIS starts abnormally after a ccleaner scan, possibly because of a forced delete process. CIS seems sometimes to be sensitive to unusual start up processes.

Under these circumstances does the CIS main windows spend a long time saying ‘initialising’, and then say ‘cannot access cmdagent’ ? (If not sure could you please check?)

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I have been complaining about CIS amnesia here before. Maybe it is just a bug.CIS seems not to give any error messages, it just starts fresh and clean like a newborn baby without any memories of previous life.
Not always of course, just today it started normally and I had NOT driven CCleaner before shutdown.

Cleaning the registry can be a bad habit.

For several months even moderators on the CCleaner user forum have stuck to earlier versions that did not dig so deep into the registry.

The registry is where CIS keeps its memory.

Perhaps CCleaner developers have not yet adapted their product to recognise Comodo’s special places.

I noticed yesterday an amnesia without using CCleaner. And in my CCleaner settings registry should not be cleaned, only obsolete files. I may be barking the wrong tree here, maybe it is just CIS which has thi “amnesia tendency”.

Dennis has suggested that maybe ccleaner monitors registry access (like CSC active clean I guess) and this may interfere with CIS, or it may be misinterpreting something CIS is doing.

I think someone needs to establish what is going on here before we can report it.

There are tools that check what is being written and deleted from registry I think

Maybe a sysinternals tool.

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CIS WILL INTERFERE with CCleaner, but not vice versa ;D

CIS does not prevent CCleaner from going about its business,
but CMDAGENT uses quite a lot of CPU when thinking about whether CCleaner’s intentions are honourable,
and CCleaner gets the job done faster if I first right click on Comodo and switch the configuration from everything safe to the mode where everything is disabled apart from a total block on the Internet.
I suspect that both A.V. Scan on Access upon each file selected for deletion,
and Defence+ having concerns about the legitimacy of each deletion.

CCleaner does not have any services.
The CCleaner Process is only running whilst the CCleaner Application is running.
I believe in normal use CCleaner looks at the registry to determine what applications are installed and could need cleaning.
It will also zap registry keys that refer to executables that are absent, but only for the brave souls that choose to run the Registry Cleaner section.

Incidentally, I only tested the effect of disabling CIS to gain knowledge.
The speed benefit was not worth the extra clicks to switch configuration back and forth.
I do however find it worth disabling CIS before using TeraCopy to duplicate several GigaBytes of files from one Drive to another.