CIS and browsers


I Always use firefox.

I afraid from automatic installation unsafe addon & plugin !

  1. Can HIPS (Defense+) alarm when they are start installation ? ???

  2. how we can know my present addon & plugin are safe ? ???


How to protect myself? ? :-\

Doesnt firefox inform you that a plug in wants to install? And asks you for confirmation first?

You can use Public Fox add on. It protects some aspects with a password.

Add ons can be updated inside the add on section or can get updates automatically.

Plug ins can be checked by pressing “Check if your plug ins are up to date” (on top of the plug ins list). This will open a test webpage from mozilla with details of what needs an update.

There are a lot of usefull addons for firefox. Think about a missing thing, then search for an addon to cover it :slight_smile:

not at all.

I want protect firefox from zero malware add on !

You can see here old malware :

(Sorry for my bad english)

How should comodo know before mozilla if there is a bad addon?

An antivirus detects what it knows. Every antivirus is limited to this.

When i decide to install an addon, i dont use the shiny new ones. I load the usefull reputated ones from original sources.
That is the best you can do.
There is no 100% safety in front of a malware.
But you can minimize the risk.

What do you mean by “not at all”?

If an addon is about to be installed while firefox is running, you are getting asked.

I could suggest you to use sandboxie. If the settings are right, each change to firefox is reversed when firefox has been running in sandboxie. In the moment when you switch off the browser.

No antivirus can protect you against an unknown undetected malware when you decide to install the (mal-)ware.