CIS and BOClean

Hi all

This may should a daft question so please bare with me. :-TU

I am running CIS and stand alone BOClean.

Now that BOC has been discontinued as a stand-alone and is incorporated in CIS, is it advisable to uninstall the stand-alone BOC and install the newer CIS 3.9.

My main reason for asking this is that I read in this forum that the new incorporated BOC in CIS has been much improved over the old stand-alone version, thus am I loosing out by keeping the older version or will the last BOC update be adequate.

I would say update to 3.9 and uninstall the stand alone BOC. I read where the stand alone BOC database updates will not be stopped just yet, but I guess they eventually will be.

Hi FaZio93.

Thanks for your quick reply.

I think I am getting a little confused.

I have just checked and I am running CIS version 3.9.95478.509. Release notes on the CIS download page as of 15th May 2009 say :-

“NEW! Integrated In Memory Virus Scanner(i.e. Integrated BOClean)”

However……………I can see no BOC link/tab at all in CIS

Surely there should be something to give you the option to BOC your system manually

Nope. The BOC scanner and BOC signatures are completely integrated into CIS. You would never know it was there, but it is. :wink:

Ah Ha………………crafty little so and so’s eh!..………….I like it. >:-D

Many thanks for the lightning quick reply :-TU

No problem. :slight_smile:

After May 26 there will be no more updates for BOClean.

BOClean is now somewhere integrated in the AV section of CIS.