CIS and Alcohol (sptd) clash

Ever since the last two updates of CIS, I have noted problems with Alcohol52%. Opening a directory containing one or more iso files resulted in one or more error messages saying that AxShlExHlper could not be properly initialised (0x00000005). Not helpful. But iso files could still be mounted and used.

Reinstalling Alcohol made things worse. Error messages about AxShlExHlper not getting initialised appeared during installation, and an attempt to create a virtual drive ended with another, new error message about an access violation in alcohol exe. Something the help desk at Alcoholsoft had never seen before, I might add.

I thought of trying to uninstall CIS, install Alcohol and then reinstall CIS again, but no such luck. Uninstalling CIS proved impossible as the installer was shut down by DEP.

All in all, I’m up the proverbial creek.

Any advice would be much appreciated. A fix for this apparent clash would be even better.



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Will do. Might take some time, though.


Please see this FAQ here.

Best wishes


Brilliant, Mouse, I’ll try that as soon as I get back tonight and report back.



Mouse, my friend, you are the cat’s whiskers.

Although I did get another AxShlExHlper warning during installation, everything went well and after I added the install directory to the Exceptions and the Trusted Files Alcohol uncomplainingly went ahead and initialised my three virtual CDs without any problems.

Assuming this will meet with your approval, I shall inform Alcoholsoft of the solution so they will be able to help others.

Thanks very much for your help. Owe you one.


No problem, glad to be able to help.

OK re Alcoholsoft, but please credit forum members in general, not me. Many different people were involved in tracking this down.

Best wishes


Done accordingly.

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Thank you for posting that your issue is solved.