CIS amnesia is making me crazy

I like CIS and I likeDefence+ but it’s tendency to forget every thing is makin me crazy.
I can install CIS, use it happily several days, but all sudden after a reboot it begins to ask me the same questions again. Should this application be allowed to contact internet, is this application allowed to do this and thet. And then it put old applications marked as trusted in the sandbox and limited again. Even a complete scan i made yesterday was forgotten after a reboot (“You have not done a full scan yet”). And this happens with both with v. 5.5 and 5.8 beta.
The only otger security application I am using is Malwarebytes antimalware but it should cause this king of behavior.

This is very annoying because I can’t use defense+ as applicatioare restrcted (even Thunderbird once!).Help!

Does your PC crash or freeze before this happens?
I have seen this happen when I answer alerts + remember during shutdown process, if it shuts down to quick CIS seems to lose it’s settings.

You might want to verify this by exporting the configuration once you have answered all alerts etc.
Once you save it, we’ll be able to verify what is missing after alerts start showing up, if so please export again, it looks like your losing settings.

What should I export and how?

You can manage the configuration by going to More, Manage My Configurations, select the ‘active’ one and chose ‘export’.
Now save this file to a place where you can find it back later.

If your installation starts to alert again repeat the above procedure so we have a ‘good’ and ‘bad’ export.
after that you can chose to ‘import’ the good one so you don’t have to re-learn all apps again.

If you can reproduce this issue over and over, please let us know then Dev’s can probably work with you to find the cause.

Ok I will try this. Actually it forgets the settings after every reboot after this amnesia has begun.
After a fresh installation it can work ok for days and then all the suuden this nuisance begins again.

It seems to happen with updates, but I may be wrong.

Thata my opinion too. When I load o Comodo Time machine image from time it worked OK, after next reboot it is ■■■■■■■ again. As if the updates after restoration cause the erroneous behavior.

Yes, Comodo has always been like this for me after updates. Each time it is necessary to start the learning all over again.

But in my case the learned settings are gone after the next boot. As if they are written into a temporary file! but certainly we are talking about the same problem. Annoying.

We had CIS 5.5 on 5 PCs until one day it just started blocking an unchanged and previously “safe” file.

Hate it!

That info is stored in the systems registry, do you happen to use System Restore or any other ‘back-in-time’ software like CTM?

Same happened to me twice so far. Weird.

This thing also resets after a month of not scanning to this text, could that be what’s happened?

No change was made neither to system nor to CIS.

Yes I do use CTM, but it should not make any changes to the registry. And this behaviour comes without any restoring sctions. It asks everything again.

Try installing any application that u like but it must have an icon in the task bar, restart the computer wait for it to load and see if the icon is still there and see if the program u installed loads if it doesn’t that might mean that the problem is caused by a corruption in either COMODO Time Machine or system restore because the problems as u said reset the settings everytime u restart, also it would help if u reinstall COMODO Time Machine and see if it’s fiexed

Just now this behaviour has not appeared in several days. i just updatet to 5.8 RC1. I will see if it reoccurs.