CIS alert: program calling ISP ?

Hi guys,

I got that yesterday, Media Player Classic (part of XP codec pack) attempting to connect to my ISP while I was trying to play some VOB files copied from a (legitimately owned ;D) DVD. I couldn’t care less about the DVD files, but what worried me was this alert from CIS telling me that Media Player Classic was trying to connect on TCP (80) to an internet website. Checked the IP and it’s my ISP. ISP’s IPs normally never appear in listed connections, so I can’t tell if what happened was part of a normal process of not. This sounds more to me like Media Player was calling home to transmit data about protected media being copied to my hard disk, what’s your take? thanks for your comments on this one.

ps: I of course, thanks CIS, blocked the connection, and uninstalled this codec pack forever.

I often noticed before btw there was some upload traffic while running Media Player Classic, whatever the files being played were, but couldn’t identify what and how, or didn’t bother to investigate much, gotta say I’m glad I got this CIS alert yesterday ;D

Hi, are you sure it was MPC and not Windows Media Player? As far as I’m aware, MPC doesn’t even have an option to ‘call home’ certainly, I’ve never seen it try.

Something to consider, the original MPC by Gabest is no longer being updated. The project changed hands and became MPC-HC It will play virtually anything without the need for additional codecs.

lol yes, I’m absolutely sure it was Media Player Classic, and not Windows Media Player; I still got the screenshot of the CIS alert. There were two alerts exactly, both the same, until I decided to first block the software (with a CIS rule) and finally decided to remove it completely.

edit: the version I had was part of XP codec pack 2.46; so I might consider getting this other version you linked to. And thanks for the feedback btw. VLC is another good option.

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Strange. All I can think of is, it’s something to do with the codec pack. The vanilla version of MPC does not phone home. In fact the only option for it to connect is for subtitles and that’s to