CIS Alert - many applications being isolated

hi everyone,

up until yesterday comodo has been been working
for me perfectly, however yesterday out of nowhere
a good majority of all my applications are being sandboxed.

I have not changed anything to my system but when the
“application isolotated” window pops up I click the application
and add it back to the trusted files list.

I try it again and the same message comes back.

Does anyone have any experience on why out of nowhere
this is happening and or how to resolve this issue?

I’m thinking of uninstalling and reinstalling comodo to see
if that fixes anything.

My only (similar) experience was when I had under Defense+/Defense+ Settings/General Settings, checked “Block all unknown requests if the application is closed”
Unchecking that resolved my issue.
But this does not sound quite the same as your situation.
I have my level set to ‘Safe Mode’.

Something must have changed to make CIS react like this. However you seem positive that you haven’t changed anything in CIS configuration. What about your computer, are you sure you didn’t make a change by accident? If you’re sure , then I think it could be some malware or maybe a piece of hardware malfunctioning.