CIS Advertised only "Anti-Virus"

I’ve heard good things about CIS, so I downloaded it for use on my computer. However, it took me about 20 minutes of searching the forums to find out whether CIS protects against spyware and adware in addition to its advertised anti-virus capabilities (apparently it does). I think this would be really helpful information on the product information/download page.

Most user want anti-virus software.
But a Firewall used by advanced or a user that’s care about security and known about networking.

errr, the OP didn’t wanna know about the firewall,
he wants to know whether CIS protects against viruses only or spyware & adware as well.

this question’s been asked several times. i remember i asked this kind of question once before :slight_smile:
CIS protects from all kinds of malware; worm,virus,trojan,spyware,adware,rougeware,and then metamorphic,polymorphic virus,etc.

from what i read,nowadays you can’t tell/differentiate for sure if a malware is a virus or worm or trojan, cos they sometimes have combined characteristic so ppl tend to generalize the term for all types of malware as VIRUS (cos it sounds cool? ;D)

and that’s what CIS do, it protects you from all kinds of virus/malware.

Looks like I reply a wrong post.

However Update a database at least 1-2 times a day is good for you and all program.

CIS protect from all malware type but it’s depend on virus database too.