CIS 99.20% Detection

CIS 99.20% detection. Fast Scan. But he has mentioned that he didn’t performed removal process with CIS.

CIS 4th Position.

2nd Position in Recommendation with 10 Points.


This test is not very reliable in my opinion…c’mon…avast 71.52%?!?..Hitmanpro 6.63%!!!
malwarebytes 5.13% ??? :o :o :o

Is it a joke?? ;D

As with all tests this has to be taken with a pretty large grain of salt, another test might/will show completely different results, allthough saying that emsisoft do seem to come top or very near to often for it to be a fluke!
Probably the reason Hitman Pro and MBAM did so poorly is because they are much better at working on an infected system using fingerprints, behavioural analysis etc.
After all Hitman Pro has the emsisoft engine in the cloud analysis…

Saying that though he could of just made it all up :o (joking btw)


Well done CIS

he commented why, for instance, malwarebytes was having so low detect ratio. Can someone tell him that Trust Connect is available free and that CEVPN offers encrypted chat protection.

Valentin N

I would have to agree with the video that Comodo and Kaspersky by far are the best protection out there in my option. Other then that theres a few sketchy results there i believe. :-\

Want real testing? :smiley: :smiley:

Create a website and use injection methods on the site and make all malware examples be launched / while running a batch that launches all malware on local root :smiley: then see which malware will get detected/passed :smiley: Then send the link to your grandma/grandparents and see what happens…

You can’t really have a real test because it’s always under a monitored box; that is the variable that will always be the same under these tests;

Muahahaha (Lightning and Thunder in background) >:-D >:-D


LOL +1

Yeah sticking 74000 samples in a folder isn’t really the same as running exploits, scripts or dropping trojan download in archives.

All AV tests are quite relativ.
Only snapshots of the moment and therefore even relativ and average IMHO.
If the results of implemnet of Sigs. gets fast, the indentification will more effectiv.
The Sigs. is allways the same for all.