CIS 8.x Extra Hotkeys & Button Script

Add extra hotkeys, button and context menu to your CIS!
→open HIPS rules for active window proccess.
→open many other cis window/menu (look inside script .ahk).
In prefences window:
→rename - F2,
→move rule - Ctrl+↓↑,
→open selected rule Ctrl+Enter.
In HIPS alert window:
→open rules for file,
→add file to trust,
→check file on VirusTotal by hash,
→copy file name (Ctrl+Insert),
→context menu on filename
→"Block only",
→toggle “Remember” checkbox.
All hotkeys and options(hide tray icon, autorun) inside script (
.ahk), so it easy to change by editing source code.
Written in AutoHotkey.
!Script ask follow HIPS right: Keyboard, Monitor, Windows Message, Hooks(itself), Memory Access (cis), Run(cis), Protected Folders(for autorun)

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I’m sorry but CIS 10 is out in public beta. I doubt you will see much further development in 8.4