CIS 8 ignores whitelisted files when moving from folder to folder

CIS 8 ignores all whitelisted files that I move from a folder to another.

Example: I have a dll that im working on so it has no signature yet. CIS blocks it as a possible malware. I mark the dll as trusted and when I move the dll from a folder to another folder CIS just ignores the status of this dll and block it again.

This was a request that a lot of users made that CIS save CRC, hash, or enything else that matter so this kind of problem does not occour but You just released CIS 8 final with the same problem.

Im getting tired of all that ■■■■ that you are doing with a great software (once it was…)

Any words Mellih?

I get sad because if I dont use CIS I will have to deal with paid security softwares and thats something i really dont want to do. On the other side I have a lot of ■■■■ free security suites and avs… Im on the edge here… Any help guys? Any recomendations about good free security softwares? I need this solved and it seems that COMODO is not on the mood to solve it so I am forced to concider other security softwares…

Hi, thank you very much for your feedback. Please let us know thebug/issue details as well as the details about your setup.

Could you please submit a bug report filling the form seen via Url:;msg651613#msg651613

We will try to solve the problem as much as possible.

Kind Regards

Buket I apretiate your effort here but this situation is not a matter of file bug reports (they are already reported).

Mellih has no interest in answeing to this topic because he knows what a ■■■■ CIS is becoming these days. and thats a matter of position about a company and its clients. free or paid, it doesnt matter. if a company provides a service, free or paid, it has the responsability to atleast answer to its clients. and Mellih is not doing so.

This topic is not about a bug report, but its about my feedback on CIS 8 and all the ■■■■ they put into this new version. No need to move the topic to another area. Moving it You are just making it fade away so users cant have the knowledge about it and I guess its a problem that a lot of users are experiencing with this new version of CIS. so please, move the topic to the right place, the cis news / feedback so people can talk about it.

egemen, thats the problem for my point of view. comodo is making my own computer a bi#$@ against myself. I can not try anything new on my machine, even if I know its safe, that COMODO assumes its a malware or something dangerous and block everything like crazy. For the begining it was a great way of doing things but now that Im using cis 8 for sometime its showing that this is freak ridiculous. I think that comodo needs to expent sometime figuring out a new (or a old) way of doing this things because on the way it is right now its not good (not even usable). On the other hand, if I disable HIPS AND Sandbox than Im in hell because I simple can not trust COMODO as an antivirus without HIPS or sandbox.

Hi Yro

I’m sorry but I cannot find the exact issue you identify in a bug report.

Could you give me the M number or a link please?

If you would be so kind, it’s best, if you have observed an already reported issue, to note that in the bug report, so we can see how many people are affected.

Many thanks in anticipation

Kind regards


Let me see. Can you give me an example case?

well, you can do it byyourself.

just download miranda-ng (or miranda-im the old one) the portable packages and execute it for the first time. comodo will block or sandbox it. mark the app as trusted and reopen it. now move the app to another folder on any part of your hd (can be on the same partition) and reopen the app to see comodo being a bi$#%… and the same thing can be done with amd catalyst beta driver, ccleaner portable 5, firefox light portable, aida64 extreme portable, urban terror game, quake 3 game, so many me game, tomb raider (2013) game, official steam api dll from any other place (in that case I just copied the dll from another computer / my brother / to my own) and so many other situations…

sorry mouse. me either. maybe it was not posted as a bug but as a complain by me (im sure) and some other users around the forum.

the fact is that the problem exists and is driving me crazy (me and a lot of users). that you can se on the official topic about slow downs…

OK Yro.

Please do report it as a bug in standard format in the bugs board. That is the best way to get it fixed.

The mods bug tracker does not have it at present, so its a good find.

Kind regards


You see I could not reproduce any of these behaviors. Are you OK with doing this with one of our guys remotely with teamviewer so that we can see whats going on? If something is trusted, it will be trusted no matter where you copy it. So we can identify whats going on with your help.

However there are cases where these portable apps update themselves daily and they are not signed etc. In this case, CIS may sandbox them.

Yro, I merged your posts from the COMODO Internet Security 8 vs Malware Tests topic with this one.