CIS 8 Freezes and Freezes PC while scanning "Solved"

Hello people… I’m in need of assistance. MEDDIIIICCCCC!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

I have an Win8.1 x64 pc, that was running CIS7 untill today, and everything was fine. Today I decided to install CIS8, using Chiron’s Install/Configuration Guide here on the Forum. Uninstalled CIS7 using Control Panel, them run the 2013 Removal tool in Safe mode… Then installed CIS8. At the end of the installation, it didn’t ran the quick scan. Instead, it claimed that a tmp file in windows installers was a cloud scanner malware trojan thingy (this file was created by CIS8 installation, possibly to run the initial scan… how I know? Tested on another twin laptop with the same result. Also, the installation file was downloaded from the links provided here on the forum. On Win7, this problem doesn’t happen)
Then the basics → proactive security → tweaked it a little bit (to my CIS7 specs, mainly the firewall settings), and started a full scan.

Also, when clicking on killswitch for the first time… by the time that it should ask to download it, it opens the diagnostics tool because it can’t find it. After using the tool, it downloads and installs without a problem. Again, this is only happening on twin win8 laptops. On win7, it installs CIS8 and all the cool stuff without a problem, rans the initial download definitions/fast scan and scans the pc without freezing.

Both laptops have 4gb ram, win8 x64, and one of them was bought 2 days ago. So it’s a fresh windows installation. (and yes, the security program installed by default - 30 day trial Mcafee - was uninstalled in control panel and them used the official product removal tool)

When it’s scanning “Windows” folders, it freezes the scan window. For example: the WinSXS folder has a folder named Manifests, when it jumps to that folder, it freezes the scan window, the scan time, the scan animation, when hoovering the mouse it starts to do the circle of frozen thingy :P, Also, the laptop becomes laggy. I can’t close the window, can’t open CIS GUI, nothing.
I can open Task Manager and see that comodo it’s not responding. Also, it’s using a 12mb or more of disk usage, and CPU can spike and come back down. The only thing to do is to shutdown… and it can take a while.

The fast scan option takes a little less than a minute and it completes without a problem. Also, the only tweaked thing on the scan options is the heuristics set to HIGH. But the scan still freezes even when changing them back to LOW or unchecking them.

I also reinstalled CIS8 3 times using Chiron’s guide. The problem remains. Should I revert back to CIS7? Where can I download it? ;D
I also tested CIS8 using eicar, and it detected and cleaned without a problem, so I don’t understand why it freezes while scanning.

Thanks in advance.

Runned another scan, and it frooze. See picture. Also, I left it like that for about 20minutes to see if it would unfreeze… but no such luck.

Update 2

Ok, so I’ve tested a few different solutions to my problem, but I had to reinstall windows. Restore discs and System Restore didn’t work. I had to do a factory reset/settings for CIS 8 to run.
As I said, the problem occured in two twin laptops, so after trying a few uninstalls with the 2013 tool in WIN8 I noticed something different on a WIN7 Desktop PC. The widget on WIN7 had separators between the different components of the widget showing 2 different kinds of black/grey, while the widget on WIN8 had only 1 kind of flat black and the green band. Also, only one of the two twin laptops had CIS7 prior to CIS8, so if the problem still happened on the second laptop it had to be another thing. Both laptops were fully up to date (drivers, windows updates… etc). Tried System Restore and Restore Discs… the problem persisted.

After factory resetting the second laptop, I installed CIS8, and the initial scan/definitions download began. The widget was two (as in “2 tones of”) black colored. Everything went as it should. Still, on the first laptop, before the initial scan, Geekbuddy appeared saying there was a suspicious file, bla bla bla and no scan window. Tried to scan the second laptop and it scanned to the end. The first laptop’s scan frooze.

So, I factory resetted the first laptop, and updated both windows. Then the problems began. On the first updated laptop (the second laptop, but the first to be resetted), CIS8 detected 4 unknow files that I could not remove, purge, send to analysis, nothing… because they were deleted after reboot. I can say they were created by, at least, one of November’s windows updates and deleted after reboot. Don’t know what update, but I bet it is KB3000850. A huge optional update released this month for WIN8. It has bricked pc’s running Avast and other security programs.

For more, just google “KB3000850 antivirus programs”

So, as I was updating the other laptop (the original one where the problem first appeared), I didn’t install that update and everything is now running smooth.

I had to factory reset the one that had that update installed, because I tried to install CIS8 again, and the initial problem described on this topic reemerged. Also, trying to uninstall the update failled to help.

So, I think the problem was caused by update KB3000850, but I can’t put my finger on it. Also, it may also be a problem on of how Comodo uninstallation works.

With that in mind, if you want to install CIS8 on Win8, it’s better to install it before applying any of November’s windows patches besides kb2992611 that is the one with the Schannel fix. That one is imperative to install. All the others, it’s better to leave them 'till after installing CIS8. (KB3000850 is better not to install at all…)


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  1. Attach a diagnostics report.
  2. Try to kill cavwp.exe process and initiate another scan.
  3. If the issue persists, dump cavwp.exe process and attach it.

Also please make a bug report in the bugs forum and append this information.

Kind regards


Hi, thanks for replying, but I reinstalled windows… Please see my first post, Update 2 for more details about the problem, solutions, and if it happens to another user, a “what to do list”.