cis 8 caused me blue screen

i have a major issue with cis 8. when i changed the configuration to proactive security, after reboot windows refuse to start. (error, blue screen, start after autorepair, with system restore). mention that using windows 7 ultimate, sp1. this problem occurs only with service pack 1. I think it is a problem of compatibility with service pack 1. i tried a fresh install of windows, everything its ok until i instal service pack 1. after that windows refuse to start, tha same problem.
mention that this problem does not occur if i keep the default setting, internet security.

Please provide the following :

1. system summary
run > msinfo32 > export

2. diagnostics report
main interface window > question mark (?) > support > diagnostics

3. event logs
run > %windir%\system32\eventvwr.msc /s > save log files

Thank you.

I’m a member of COMODO, I just saw what you post on COMODO forum.
What’s your OS? Win7_x64 or x32?
Could you please send me the dump file after the BSOD happened?
What version of CIS did you installed?
And did you open the enhanced protected mode in Hips setting?
Thank you for your report.

Hi, comodo internet security R80DFR_8.0.0.4344 is released! This issue should be fixed, please try it again on the new build, thank you.