CIS 8 breaks Firefox browser

So I installed CIS 8 today - properly, I uninstalled CIS 7 and ran the uninstall bat file before installing CIS 8. Firefox 33 now fails when downloading most files, I get a “… file cannot be downloaded because the source cannot be read” error (the file is in c:\users\my_name\appdata\local\temp).

I have tried turning off the firewall, antivirus, HIPS, auto sandbox, viruscope, and cloud analysis - everything I can think of basically, and Firefox still fails to download.

I’ve just restored the disk image I took first and Firefox 33 downloads files perfectly using CIS 7.

Has anyone else come across this or is it just me?

Try changing the Firewall setting for Firefox.exe to Policy - Web Browser. I’m curious about this, so once I’m out of work and home I’ll test around with CIS8 and see what I can break =P

I just installed CIS 8 again (I’m on fully updated Win 8.1) and FF 33 still fails. I may try downloading a new copy of CIS 8 tomorrow, just in case…

I did try adding a firewall entry for FF as web browser - but it made no difference.

Meanwhile this is the error I get, as you can see the file exists but with zero size (because the download never started). BTW. My download location in FF is d:\downloads so I don’t know why I’m even writing to c:.…\local\temp?

Back to CIS 7 for now (again).

I’ve just done another clean uninstall of CIS 7 and install of CIS 8 and this issue is resolved. It must have been some sort of weird glitch in either the uninstall or install.

In any case I’ve now moved to Comodo Chromite Secure and ditched Firefox!

I’ve been having the same issue. So…to fix the problem, CIS must be uninstalled then? I hope they fix the bug soon…

All I can tell you is that I had a lot of problems going from CIS7 to CIS8 (on Windows 8.1). In the end I resolved all the issues by doing a clean reinstall of Windows 8.1 and then CIS8. All went well after that. I suspect that (in my case at least) something was left behind after the CIS7 uninstall that CIS8 didn’t like.

In any case, as I also mentioned, I don’t use Firefox any more, Comodo Chromium Secure is a delight!