CIS 8.2.0: Does not work under XP SP2



CIS 8.2.0 is provided with German language and a hint that it is able to run under Windows XP (32 Bit).

I have been using CIS since a few years and 8.2.0 is the first version I am having trouble with because after its installation it simply does not work correctly.

In the network one can only ping successfully the machine´s IP CIS is running on. You cannot even ping the router´s gateway after installation (and reboot) of CIS 8.2.0 under XP. That is why internet access is not possible too.

I tried to disable all functions (firewall, antivirus, sandbox etc.) for 15 minutes with the same result mentioned above.
Afterwards I disabled CIS 8.2.0 completely: Same result!
Und “global rules” I disabled blocking function: Same result!

Only deinstalling CIS 8.2.0 makes the networt and internet working again.

There was not any firewall active during installation process of CIS 8.2.0.

I wonder why CIS 8.2.0 is not running out-of-the-box under Windows XP like the earlier versions?

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Please try reinstalling CIS following Most Effective Way to Reinstall CIS to Avoid/Fix Problems by my colleague Chiron. It will provide a reliable clean starting point.

Does this make a difference.? If it doesn’t. What other security programs do you have installed and which ones are running in the background alongside CIS?

Im only running Sygate firewall under XP and deactivated it while installing and starting CIS:
The guide you mention is only for cleaning earlier CIS installations I thought!?

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We strongly advice to running two security programs of the same kind at the same time. In your case two firewalls. Even when disabling Sygate its driver will still run and may cause unexpected effects.

My advice is to choose what firewall to use. Either use CIS or Sygate with Comodo AV. That should help.

I cannot replace the sygate firewall as long it is not possible to install CIS 8.2.0 in a manner that gives me access to my network.

I will deinstall sygate an try CIS again.

Best regards

Keep us posted. Please make sure to follow Chiron’s guide when doing the install. Cleaning possible left over of previously installed security programs is an important step in the process.