CIS ( don't disable Windows 10 firewall after new Windows Updates

Hi everybody,

This morning I did some new Windows 10 updates (August, 12th) and after a reboot my network is off.
Network card is OK but I can’t have an IP. I tried to diseable and enable the network card but the problem is still there.
In fact I realize that the Windows Firewall was enable and block the network (I use CIS firewall).
So after the Windows 10 updates CIS don’t disable Windows firewall.

Hope that can help.

Hi there,

I have always read, heard of and experienced conflicts when running 2 firewalls.
Every knowledgeable PC user that I have ever spoken to warns against this.

That said, a month ago I noticed that my windows firewall was on so I turned it off & disabled it in services.
I didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary before or after I disabled it.

It would be nice if Comodo can definitively tell us if Windows firewall should be disabled as a rule.

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