CIS on Vista - Windows Security Center says CIS disabled


upgraded to CIS


now Windows Security Center says that both CIS Firewall and Antivirus are disabled

but CIS thingy displays the green color and says Secure

i tried the following while logged in as administrator (my default user is an administrator user):

but with each command i was denied access

i created this thread separately from the one mentioned above because i do not get the “format that is no longer supported” message so i thought perhaps my issue is different from the other one

also in Windows Security Center, when i click to enable the CIS firewall and antivirus, i get the admin window to allow the action, and i click yes, but the message in the security center window stays the same, both still disabled, nothing changes

any ideas?

i’ve rebooted a few times but same issue


so i rebooted in safe mode and ran the commands mentioned in the other thread, and now i’m getting the errors mentioned in the other thread

i’ll try rebooting in safe mode and re-running those commands to see if they clear up the issue