CIS doesn't start on CPU without SSE2 support

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The .nfo file is best zipped to attach.
Right click the file and select ‘Send to’, Compressed (Zipped) Folder.

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here is mine msinfo system summary.

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So gentlemen moderators some progress in solving these problems ?

Anyone ?

I posted this elsewhere.

If you look it up, SSE2 is included with all processors since Pentium 4 (Intel and AMD).
If your processor is older than that (i.e. doesn’t support SSE2), you seriously need to upgrade your processor.

But will give solution or not for those without processor with SSE2 ( old processor ) ?

SSE2 has been out for 14 years (introduced in 2001).
Do not expect anything today to support a Win’95/SE computer.
Get over it and upgrade your toy to something better.
Obviously you’re still on XP. Windows 10 will be released in a few months.
Are you whining to MS that it won’t run on your current system? Or are you excepting the fact you can’t run it? It’s the same with all other software developers. upgrade your hardware so it will run.

I want to remind you that my PC is running Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 32-bit and not Win98 or Win XP.

And I could be using in this PC Win 8.1.

… and mine is working with Win7 Pro SP1 (supported by Microsoft up to 2020)…

Apparently, SSE2 is a requirement for Windows 8 installation and enhances the reliability of third-party apps and drivers running in Windows 8.
Please wait as I’m requesting additional information.


Thank you qmarius

We wait some progress …

Ur using an AMD Athlon processor. That’s what we think is key.

Many thanks to you.
I don’t know if tecnically easy or not, but if the installation package was able to discriminate Win7/XP (no SSE2) and Win8 (SSE2) everything could be solved.

No solution ?

There are more than a week and nothing.

oowww …

Bug processing takes time. A problem needs to be reproduced, then confirmed it needs fixing, a fix gets made, it then goes through testing… Testing is important to see if nothing else breaks. These processes take time.

Thanks !

But how much longer will it take ?

We will have an answer as confirmation ?

Unless BuketB or somebody else comes along with an estimation we cannot tell if and when it would get fixed.