CIS 7 PREMIUM - Problems on "Secure Applications" and cisdebuginjection

Good evening,

excuse me for my (poor) english…i try to explain these problems

i have installed CIS 7 on my new pc. I have always use comodo firewall/d+ with avira but the d+ gives me problem with directx installation (there is no way to install them with comodo fw/d+ installed, i have done all types of tests) so i try to change avira AV with the complete suite of Comodo.

I have succedded to install directx but i have 3 different problems (that i have also with comodo fw/d+ and avira)

  1. On the boot the pc sometimes loads the apps that have to be loaded (ccc.exe control panel of catalyst driver, sbz.exe control panel of sound blaster z, setpoint.exe control panel of mouse/keyboard)…but sometimes the tray icons of these programs aren’t loaded and they doesn’t appear in the task manager…and above all i don’t understand why comodo creates this problem (in fact if i remove this exe from the list of safe applications and then i put them in the list again, the next boot tray icons will loaded perfectly)

  2. When i launch some applications (like VIRTU MVP) comodo blocks them but doesn’t open any pop-up to let me decide what to do. It’s very strange because i have set comodo in the way that if an application is not recognized it has to ask me what to do.
    Furthermore if in the HIPS i set this app like “safe” and put the exe in the “safe files” the application will not load until i reboot the pc…it’s like comdo have to reboot to accept the new HIPS rule
    And at the first, second… reboot tha app could not be loaded again

  3. When i run ccleaner it reports a reg activex/com error callled cis.cisdebuginjector…i don’t know what it is but sounds like an error

I want to underline that i have installed several times comodo on clean OS installations…i have try to disable only HIPS, only BEHAVIOR BLOCKER, HIPS and BEHAVIOR BLOCKER but the problems remains…the diagnostic utilities reports that it’ all right

I don’t know what to do…

Thank you in advance


Can you post your configuration settings? i.e. internet security or proactive mode, safe mode, custom policy, HIPS on or off, etc.

Also have you run a rating scan?

Configuration: proactive

Hips on safe
Firewall on custom ruleset
Autosandbox: unsafe

all the scan are ok, diagnostic scan ok

This evening i will post photos of deyailed configuration…now i m at wotk


In the meantime i want to explain all the things i try to do for these problems…

  1. i have install comodo on a cleaned hd (low level format) on a cleaned and untouched original windows 7 system (profesisonal 64 bit) and when i install all the stuff that i have to install (drivers, utilities, programs, malwarebytes, programs add-on) the problems persist.
    All the usb pens (used to achieve the installers of applications) are been scanned with another pc (surely clean)

  2. i have try to disabilitate every single module of comodo and i have also try to disabilitate all the suite but the problems persist

  3. i have try to put all the module in the most permissive mode but nothing…

I think but i’m not sure that the problem is in the presence of this activex/com problem cis.cisdebuginjection…in fact i have installed comodo recently on a notebook Lenovo g580 with windows 7 profesisonal 32 bit and in this system comodo works very well (and ccleane doesn’t report that error).

It’s like comodo can’t work as it has to do: i have configure it to ask me for everything but on the contrary it seems to operate, a lot of times, automatically blocking what it thinks it’s a suspicious app.
It’s useless to put the apps in the “safe files”, it’s useless to put the apps in the “safe application”, it’s useless to put the apps in the sandbox’s exclusion list.
And it’s very strange that, in a random way, it’s sometimes permit the startup apps to boot with windows and sometimes not.


P.s. clearly the windows dvd (32 and 64 bit) are original, not cracked system

P.s.2 Now i’m very confused:

Look at that:

In this thread (comodo forum) the moderator says that “he guess” cis.cisdebuginjection it’s a key that indicates an integrity checker of comodo that create a dump file if it finds an issue.

But in this 3d

the user says that he has find a solution in a new installation, but i have done 100 new installation (re downloading installer from comodo site) and the problem of this regkey is always present (also the comodo forum mod says that “I found if I delete the entries and reboot they are re-created instantly


Here the screens of detailed configuration: (antivirus) (HIPS) (Behavior Blocker) (Sandbox) (firewall) (safe files)