CIS 7 or 8 on Windows tablets?

Hi all,

With the new style Windows 8 Tablets now coming onto the market i.e:- HP Stream 7, Lenovo Miix2 8, Dell Venue Pro 8 … etc, these have full Windows 8.1 but only 1GB of RAM - or 2GB on the more expensive models.

Has anyone yet installed CIS on any of these? If so, how has the tablet performed after installation - any noticeable slow down ?

Hi, I asked the same question here;msg780012#msg780012

In the I end I just installed CIS 8.0 and I din’t notice slowdowns on my ASUS TF100. Battery life is not worse than before. I’m going to keep it installed.
Hope it helps

Hi cabalio83,

Thanks for the feedback.

When my tablet arrives I shall give it a try :slight_smile: