CIS 7 doesn't startup with Windows 8.1

I’ve been using CIS since Windows 8 came out and everything worked perfectly. However, after auto upgrading to 7, everything firewall related ■■■■■■■ up. It took minutes for the firewall request popup windows to show up, and if I didn’t click allow or block right away, the popup windows would just freeze. Anyway, all kinds of problems with firewall.
So I uninstalled CIS and reinstalled using the setup file. Now, the firewall seems to be running OK, a little slow in response, but no more freeze up. However, the CIS doesn’t start with Windows 8.1 anymore. I have to click the shortcut to start CIS. :o

So, any idea how I can fix this? I would want CIS be the first program to start so it can protect the OS as soon as possible.

Thanks in advance.

auto upgrade ?
do you mean version 6,3 to 7 clicking update ?
reinstall ?
do you mean that you have not cleaned up your pc before ?
about 8.1, i cannot answer to you because i am still on 8 _ sorry

Yes I meant the click upgrade from 6 to 7 when the popup says there is a upgrade. For reinstall, I just uninstalled the CIS from control panel and reinstalled with the setup file downloaded from the Comodo website. I didn’t use any uninstall tools to clean the registry or anything.

ok _ you have done an error : it can explain your difficulties.

do not update version 6 to version 7 with “update” (yet done i know !

first , you must uninstall old version then clean all ; and install version 7.
so now you are following these steps and (re)install correctly your cis.
i close this window and give you the link :one moment please.

this link is the first topic !