Cis 7 default settings good or bad ?

Hello installed Cis 7 today. Is the default settings any good or do i need to change anything

Many things seems to be disabeld like viruscope,hips, proactive security??

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You can follow Chiron’s guidelines in How to Install Comodo Firewall. That will raise the security level of you system. It’s best to keep Viruscope disabled unless you’re an experienced user; it’s still very young.

Thank you for helping why is proactive security disabeld in the default if its that important ?

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The default settings are tuned towards keeping a balance between security and given very little alerts to make it palpable for the wider audience.

Underneath the hood there is a lot to tinker with for those who like more control and security.

If i do the changes as Chiron suggest will that result in more popups then the default settings ?
And will it use more resources ?

Great full for an answer

It will result in a few more popups. I personally think that what Chiron suggests goes too far but that’s just me. What I have done is to leave CIS in the Internet Security mode, but uncheck the options in the firewall and AV to not show alerts. I also bumped up the Auto-Sandbox/ Behavior Blocker to Untrusted on my machine but left it on Partially Limited on the other one. So far , so good. If you set the firewall to make rules for safe applications ( I don’t) than that could potentially use more resources and slow things down. On a newer multi-core computer, you may not notice it though.

The default settings will give a reasonably good level of protection for people who prefer ease of use of their machine and don’t know about or don’t want to know about the technical aspects. A higher level than what other products give by default. Even some of the paid ones.

It all depends on what you want, ease of use with practically no interaction required, or full control over and full knowledge of what things, safe or not, are doing on your machine. I prefer the first option but you may choose otherwise.