CIS 7 blocks USB modem (mobile broadband) connection

Comodo Internet Security Premium v. 7.0.317799.4142

When I connect to the Internet with my USB Mobile Broadband Connection the Windows’ Network and Sharing Center says that I am currently connected to the network, but I have no Internet access.

To bypass the problem, from Network and Sharing Center I go to
“Change adapter settings” > Mobile Broadband Connection > Properties
where I find, under “This connection uses the following items:”, COMODO Internet Security Firewall Driver enabled.

Disabling the COMODO Firewall Driver lets the connection reaching the Internet, but without firewall protection. :-\

How can I tell Comodo Firewall to allow my Mobile Broadband connection while filtering its traffic?

I have tried with network zones as it appears to work automatically for wireless networks, but the IPv4 Address of the Mobile Broadband Connection changes every time, while the Wireless Network Connection’s doesn’t.

Can anyone help me please? :azn:

Here you are an old similar topic from these forums:

Did you try using the IP range and not a specific address. Alternatively you could try using the mac address of the adapter.

Good idea! Unfortunately it doesn’t work. :-\

I have copied the two Global Rules that I found allowing “All Incoming and Outgoing Requests From and To” the IP of a WiFi that lets me post here, and edited them to allow All Requests From and To the MAC address of the USB modem.

After rebooting and reconnecting, viewing my active networks in the Network and Sharing Center, for the Mobile Broadband Connection I read Access type: No network access.

What might be blocking the connection? How to bypass it? ???

Do you know any help?

Hello please? :azn:

Anyone who can help?

Can you try setting firewall rules with the MAC Address of the Mobile network adapter?

To get this, press the Windows key + R, type in “cmd”

In the Command Prompt type in ipconfig /all

Look for your Mobile Broadband’s “Physical Address”

Go to Firewall Settings in CIS: Comodo Internet Security Network Zones, Network Connection | CIS v7.0| COMODO

Type in “Mobile Broadband” , right click and select “Add New Network Zone” and select the “Mac Address” option

Than type in the physical address of your Mobile Broadband you got.

Hope this helps!

Don’t forget to crate two Global rules to allow data in and out of the adapter as seen here: Global Rules, Firewall Protection, Best Firewall, Network Connection - COMODO Internet Security v7.0

I have already done that, let’s see if I made it right (pretty sure about it):

[attachment deleted by admin]

Now the modem is connected, but I have no internet connection:

What’s going on with Comodo?

[attachment deleted by admin]

Try disabling “block fragmented ip traffic” if it is enabled, is there any data in the firewall logs? Post anything that may be helpful.

It was already disabled, the firewall log is empty :-\

My last hypothesis is that a firewall rule or a firewall setting has a higher priority than those in “Global Rules” (and it is against my modem). If not, then it could be something inside Comodo’s source code, that maybe appeared since version 6 (according to this post).

Am I able to make any test? Or maybe we are still missing something…

Hi respirorox,

Please check Bug 216.