CIS 7 Beta website filtering

hi, please can I ask about this are there filtering rules for this already, somewhere? pre-set rules? if so please can you tell me how to apply them? thank you, great product. :-TU :rocks:

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How does WF works?
I tried app 35 malware links & not a single blocked by WF.

currently the url filter uses signature (lists) to block sites. it doesnt have any heuristics or anything like that that i know of. CIS updates the url database like signature updates. im currently downloading the installer so idk if there are url filter signatures yet. go to the about screen and check the url filter number. last time i checked it was at 0

the rules are stored in the firewall settings go to tasks → advanced tasks → url filter and all the rules will be stored there.

After updates WF signs is 11.
WF is enabled by default, right? Its green, do I have to check the box too?

yes its enabled by default and the slider should be green to enable the rule.

CAUTION: there is a bug in the proactive config for the url filter, there are no rules like in internet security config. its already been reported, you can just recreate the rules yourself. there are 2 rules one for blocked sites (phishing and malware) and an allowed sites (exclusions, safe sites). these categories are already in cis you just have to create a rule

I tested CIS Defaults i.e Internet Security Config.

What do you mean by create a rule?
There are 2 catagories, do I need to edit anything there or Website Filtering works by default i.e no edit, nothing for malware/phishing protection?

I said proactive config

OK, I misunderstood.

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