CIS 7.0 blocking the loading of Firefox personal bar

Windows XP Home SP3

The CIS uninstallation solved the problem, the re-installation withe previous profile, restored the problem.

Dear jeromex

Sorry you are experiencing this problem

Please make a bug report in standard format, and append to it a killswitch screenshot showing the appropriate processes and all default columns when the problem is occurring.

Many thanks in anticipation


Would you also kindly try updating to version 8 and see if that fixes the problem?

As there has been no reply, I will move this report to “Resolved/Outdated Issues” section.

Thank you.

Yes I must confirm the problem as resolved because when I uninstall v7 by the uninstaller and then I use the Comodo “special” uninstall tool, and I install v8 the bug disappeared !

BUT you could inform me that v8 was worse than v7 because the ADS bug was mentionned on forum on November the 20 and your advice is dated November 28, a delay which could be better with better organisation

Then those trying v7 will deal with non solved V7 bugs >:-D

v7 is no longer updated.

When one’s give advice to migrate to v7 one’s must continue to update it, non ? it is a minimum
V8 is a ■■■■ til new advice
perso I migrated to 5.10 and i’ am not ready to change, and if so it will be for another firewall without antivirus and all that stuff