CIS 64 bit app?

Hi there, i was just wondering if CIS has proper 64 bit support or if its just a ported 32 bit app with all its shortcomings?..

I have 64 bit Win 7 with over 6GB free ram but whenever CIS starts a scan, either auto or manual then it starts thrashing the page file with tiny reads and writes and brings the whole scan and disk response to a crawl.

Checking between 32 bit on laptop and 64 bit on this machine, the memory usage during scans are almost the same so CIS isnt using any benefits from having 64 bit memory access and loads of RAM.

It doesnt even seem to be writing large amounts of data to the page file but doing many rapid small writes then deletes which brings the disk performance crashing into the ground with the thrashing on top of the file loads for scanning.

Is this a bug or is there some way to get it to stop thrashing the page file like its on some 256MB ram Xp machine?

This machine was recently fresh installed and is using all default settings except sandboxing disabled and pagefile size locked instead of dynamic, all the pretend built in MS security apps are disabled.

Thx for look, foil.

CIS does fully support 64 bit windows, it is combined in the installer with the 32 bit version. The installer will detect which architecture your system is and install the correct version.

CIS is by far the best protection available today for the 64-Bit system ;D :-TU

Something about this test seems odd… Bit Defender Total Security 2013 was rated as #1 security software, yet in the link you posted it’s rated VERY low.

This test completely disregards detection based technologies.

Yes as Chiron said it don’t test the AV/detection itself (Read here all about it But it does test “proactive system protection”(HIPS/BB/Firewall). Bitdefender is a very good AV I give you that however once it comes down to leak test, spying test, autorun test, self-defense test and others it is more or less useless on the 64-Bit system! The whole point here is that such AV vendors will tell you that they do provide such proactive system protection! Erm no it’s a lie in order to sell you the product. Also please note that protection of 32-Bit system and 64-Bit system is not the same!

Which version of CIS are you using? V5 or v6?

Hi there, im using version: 6.0.264710.2708, DB ver: 15806

I never really noticed the problem with older versions of CIS but this ver seems to put extreme load on the drive and using procmon i can see its doing millions of tiny accesses to the pagefile even when many GB of free ram in the pc.

It is both with v5 and v6 that the AV stresses the hard drive a lot when running a scan.

The only you can do is make a bug report of this and hope it gets picked up.

I understand how the scans work but CIS 6 seems to thrash the drive harder than any other scanners out there, even when running low priority.

I disabled the pagefile for a test and the drive became almost silent during scans and stopped dragging the rest of the system down with a busy drive. The scan was also much much faster.

I just find it strange that a supposed 64 bit app has to thrash the page file with tiny kb sized writes when i have 8GB ram and over 6 GB free.

There is surely space for improvement with the AV scanner with regard to this. More people complain about the resource usage when running a scan.