CIS 603


the version 7.x is not really working at my home (Windows XP): my PC freeze always, I have to wait minutes for CIS stoping any activities.
So I would like to come back on the 6.3 version, which were working well. Can anyone provide me with a link?

Thank you

Hi rmanal,
Check the ‘old versions’ menu for other versions in the external links below 32/64-bit.

Kind regards.


is it the free version (I just need the firewall), because in the name of the file there is “premium”?

Hi rmanal,
Yes Premium = Free.
In the installation process step 2, click on ‘Customize Installation’ and leave only the Firewall checked.
CIS Premium – Installation-Comodo Help
Customizing Installation-Comodo Help

Kind regards.

Thank you very much

You are welcome. :slight_smile: