CIS 6 Wishlist

Please post here any suggestions you may have for additional features for CIS 6.0, excluding usability issues, which go in the usability topic .

Please note that probably only a few can be implemented before final release, but those that cannot will I am sure be noted for future point versions

“Default settings” button :-TU

Default for:

  • Internet Sec
  • Proactiv Sec.
  • Firewall Sec.


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Just to clarify, you mean 'revert to default settings? If so I agree that could be simpler.

Yes :wink:

View some summary like in CIS 5. How many apps run in sandbox etc…

Option to run always sandboxed programs out of sandbox just for the case to tweak them.
Option to save the list of sandboxed programs with their configurations.

Windows right click context menu, Option to send file.

‘Add to Comodo Trusted Files’


Folder sandboxing and virtualization option and not just files.

Also automatic sandbox virtualization cleaning when closing them

Also a popup to sandbox or virtualize or not to sandbox a download

Options similar to sandboxie

Also option for defense plus deactivate or activate it via right clicking its icon in the task bar like that of CIS 5.10

Ability to pin “Unrecognized Files” to CIS task-bar. It’s really needed.

No. This could easily be exploited, not to mention being too easy and ppl will just add everything and everything because it would be so easy. Kind of defeats the purpose of CIS itself. The same reason why most AV companies removed exclusions from being easily accessible from detection menus…

[b]congratulations about comodo 6

i wish active connection screen back again

and the options

view active connection

outbound connection

inbound connection

back again like comodo 5

and what firewall blocked screen back too


It has been replaced by Comodo Killswitch.

ty alot for answered me

but comodo killswitch don’t show me the open connection
and don’t show me what application connect now what ip address connect it and what port the application use to establish this connection

and don’t give me the option terminate connection like active connection window
and killswitch dont show methe aplliaction use tcp or udp
and dont show me the application listen or talk in this connetion and how many byte in and byte out

plz review this shots to see what active connection window show me and what it did

and killswitch don’t give me the option to terminate this connection
they didnt replace active connection window by Comodo Killswitch

Comodo Killswitch is just another tool did another different function

Does KillSwitch show sandboxed processes?

yes [restriction column is the BB (autsandbox), virtualization is full virtualization]

srry u right and iam wrong i didnt see network tab in killswitch

ty for u help

and killswitch still dont show connection ip and terminate connection option

so i wish they add show connection ip and terminate connection option

and i wish they add screen show what firewall blocked

Launch Killswitch and next to “System” you have “Network” click on it.

ya i see it now ty :slight_smile: ;D ;D

Rating Scan through right-clicking on the file :-TU

The three processes did not be killd after the sandboxed browser had been termonated.

I think CIS should kill the three processes after the sandboxed processes are termonated.