CIS 6 wakes up hdd's from standby

Hi all,

CIS wakes all “Archive” HDDs from standby on almost every CIS event.
Like, quickscan and opening Killswitch.
The bad thing is, every 40-60 mins CIS in background is waking up the HDD , too .

The System is running on the SSD, and the HDD’s should be mostly in
the stand by mode. But with CIS 6.x installed this was impossible.
With 5 mins standby , the Disks Spin up and down every 40-60 mins.
With 45 mins the disks won’t spin down.

After deinstallation CIS 6 and installing CIS 5 everthing is ok.

How can i get CIS 6 back without my HDD problem?

Testet and not working:

  • Excluding HDD Drive letters
  • Deaktivating Cache builder

Clean, new System:

Asus P8Z77V - Deluxe Board
Intell i3 3225
16GB Ram
Samsung SSD
WD Caviar green HDDs
Windows 7 x64 pro

CIS 6.x downloaded and installed 4 weeks ago.