CIS 6 Update Server

When will the Update Server for CIS 6 be running? (MM/DD/YYYY)

PS: I think I posted this in the wrong spot. Can anyone (COMODO Forum Member) please move this to the Beta Section please?

I moved your question to the Beta corner as it concerns the Beta. I hope that is okay.

As to an exact release day, I can tell you that there is currently no set date for the final release.

Yes that is fine (Topic Movement). So there is no release day as when CIS 6 will correctly check for updates instead of saying “The System Cannot Find The File Specified” :THNK?

Sorry, I must have misread your question. I’m not sure about that, but I would think that perhaps they will incorporate it in the next version or maybe they will wait until it is out of Beta.

Probably never. I don’t think any CIS beta releases have updated to the latest beta version through the updater.