CIS 6 & System Restore

I have posted about this prob before too but couldn’t find the thread now.

Win 7 64

2 times I have restored the system back to 3-5 days. And both the times after system restore though the databases are there in scanners folder CIS 6 downloads the full databases again. About screen mentions 0 or 1 databases. Diagnostics didn’t find anything.

Importing the same databases from the scanners folder works fine & CIS 6 shows updated & about screen too.

This time after system restore CIS 6 showed cmdagent or something not running & offered to run diagnostics & that solved the prob. Databases prob was solved by importing as mentioned above.

Plzz look into these probs.

Is this a request for help or a bug report?

OK, I have changed the thread a little.

Its the probs encountered, dont know if a bug.

You’ve been around long enough to know the proper way to report a bug.

I know, corrected.