CIS 6 running very slowly

Hi All

I’ve noticed this on both my test computer at work and test tablet at home (both low spec). On my test computer it took 5 mins to open the main GUI (selecting “Open…” from system tray icon). It then took another 3 mins to open the advanced settings section.

Any ideas what might be causing this? Test computer is a P4 3.0 GHz with 1GB ram and test tablet is a 1.2 GHz with 1GB ram. Btw, CIS 5 runs and opens fine.


Sounds like insufficient ram; when the hdd is used as virtual ram the computer tends to become very slow. So upgrade to 2 or more GB and see if that helps.

Mine is Laptop XP SP3 32 Bits with 512 MB RAM & Win 7 64 SP1 with 4 GB RAM. On both the systems its running light & smooth.

I’ve checked ram on test computer and 640mb is still available but I know what you mean about virtual memory (had a leaking application once :frowning: ).


I assume your test computer is running XP so 1 GB of RAM should be enough. It is not the first thing I would start considering.

Make sure that left overs of previously installed security programs are no longer around by removing possible left overs with cleanup tools of those programs. Leftovers can cause all sort of strange results A list of such tools can be found here: ESET Knowledgebase .

Does that make a difference?

Yes, running XP SP3 with 1GB. Previously had CIS 5 installed but I checked under program files and registry settings (manually) for references to CIS prior to installing CIS 6 and all was clear. I’ll try some of those tools and report back. Thanks.


Are you running ExploitShield? There are reports about performance issues when running CIS side by side with it.

No, just CIS. I’ll run Comodo System Cleaner when I’m back at work and report back.


I am too facing slowdown on my XP system, may be coz of RAM, its 512 MB. I have installed only FW & D+, AV is not installed.

Win 7 64 has no probs at all.

I think with all the new features CIS 6 RAM requirement has increased.

Whats the minimum & recommended requirement for CIS 6 on XP 32 & Win 7 64?

System Requirements

Thanxx for the info.

I have since re-installed XP SP3 on my test tablet and CIS 6 is running fine now :). I can only think (being a test tablet) that it needed a good clean out with all the software that had been installed / un-installed over time. May do the same with my test computer at work and see if that makes any difference.


After watching for few days I have noticed the slowdown may or may not be due to CIS.

All other things run fine.

IE also works fine.

The slowdown is when after system starts I start Comodo Dragon. Switching to dragon tabs while browsing is slow, at time kind of freeze. This continues for app 10-15 min. Later no probs.

I think the prob may be due to CIS checking for program updates & taking longer or some CD prob or dont know what else could be. But I have checked this few times with CD & got the slowdown.

FW & D+ without AV installed.

Try cleaning browser cache and restarting it, disabling extensions and when nothing works try a clean installation of Dragon.

Ran Comodo System Cleaner (portable) on test computer at work and CIS 6 now opening and functioning alot quicker (seconds rather than minutes).


I have the same problem. I have a more powerful system and I take a good care of it. No left overs as I delete all of them. Still I get a slow down it must be a CIS bug in the GUI Comodo need to fix it. For me it takes at times 30 secs to open the main GUI. And sometimes it don’t respond at all. Nothing to do with my system or my files on my PC 100% sure of it. It’s a CIS issue.

My system: Win7 64-Bit, 4GB memory, Intel Core I5. I don’t use other real-time protection programs.

On every system I’ve installed version 6 on, I’ve had a lot of problems with UI responsiveness. I find the first time the main UI is selected, it can take several seconds to appear. Likewise, selecting an option from the task bar, again for the first time, after opening the main UI. Subsequent opening/navigation is a little faster, but it’s very slow compared to any of the 5.x versions.

I’m not really sure where the problem lies, it’s certainly not memory, graphics or disk, as one of the systems used is reasonably ‘high end’. It’s also not due to ‘left overs’ from some previous installation, as most of the tests have been on clean systems.

I see. So yeah. Well in that case the problem must be with one of the protection modules such as BB or some architecture issue. But that’s a guess at least now it’s a confirmed CIS bug issue. I do put up with it but sometimes it can get so annoying.

It’s possible it’s down to one of the modules but I only use the firewall, everything else is off.

I see. Well I hope Comodo staff can fix this issue in the next version. Can anyone plz tell me if somebody made a report about this?