CIS 6 release notes ?

Hi !

Where can I find the release notes for CIS 6 ?
The list I get from CIS → Update: Version 6.3.302093.297625 November / 2013
Is that really the latest update for CIS 6 ?

The latest update for CIS6 is CIS7 :wink:

Very funny… ;D
Thank you for the information, but I already know that CIS 7 has been released.
I have already installed it, and then uninstalled, because of several annoying bugs…
I switched back to v6, but now I have problems with the “high CPU load-bug”, which started recently after upgrading v6,
cmdagent.exe using 25 % CPU and making my computer “noisy”, because of the fan winding up.
Since this started recently I want to check the release notes to see which version it might be that is causing all this.

Hi hackerman1,
As far as I can tell, that is the latest 6.3 version.
COMODO Internet Security 6.3.302093.2976 Released!
Release Notes-Comodo
Release Notes-Downloads Comodo

Kind regards.

Well, in link 3 above there are 4 updates released after september which is not listed in link 2…

The list in link 3 is what I get from CIS → Update, link 2 is what I get from Comodos webbsite after searching for release notes.
So I already have those 2 lists…

But the weird thing is that CIS has updated the program several times since november,
and the last time was just days ago.
So it seems there has been more updates.

Anyway i just got the “high CPU load” again, now with an older version (6.3.297838.295320 October / 2013),
although not as “bad” as recently, it was shorter this time.
But that´s something for another thread.
I´ve seen others having the same problem with cavwp & cmdagent.

Regarding the high CPU load after re-installing, it might be worth checking the topic in the link below.
Most Effective Way to Reinstall/Update CIS to Avoid/Fix Problems

Kind regards.