CIS 6 Realtime Protection doesn't protect against Eicher test Virus in firefox

Today i wanted to test the real-time protection of CIS 6 for various browsers. I tried to download the eicher test file ( virus ) on the system using comodo ice dragon. The virus was successfully downloaded on to the system.

After download i needed to start custom ssan to detect the file.

When i tried to download the same file using IE10, the file was successfully blocked.

Can any one tell why does CIS 6 realtime protection doesn’t integrate with it’s own browser. ;D

CIS does not have a web shield so it won’t monitor what is being downloaded. It will only monitor when something gets written to disk or loaded in memory.

When downloading Eicar test file CIS will indeed not warn you when using FF/IceDragon but it will when using IE or Opera.The difference lies in the fact that IE and Opera will download the file to a cache folder first and then move it to the destination folder. The CIS alerts will show that trail. With Firefox/IceDragon a download apparently does not get written to a cache folder first.

Thank you for your help. Can we expect the web shield in the future version of CIS.

there arent any plans to (that i know of)

Comodo does not believe in web and other shields. They strongly hold the believe that getting a virus when it hits hard drive or memory is in time. More shields add overhead.

Thanks for the information. Please close this topic. I got to understand the stance which the comodo employs to protect from viruses. :slight_smile:

We usually leave topics open. But as topic starter you have the right to lock it.