CIS 6 on Windows 8 and forcibly using Windows Firewall


I know, you dont want to have multiple firewall apps running. But I have a new laptop (corporate) and since the standard AV of the corporation does not work on Windows 8, i thought it would be nice to have CIS 6 on Windows 8. Otherwise no protection was active. Windows 8’s defender is real bad from what i read.

The laptop is on a domain and that policy enforces windows firewall.
I have had no problems with Windows 7 machines on that same domain.
But after installing CIS 6 and configuring the proactive setup all was fine. The only thing i noticed was a really slow network connection while browsing the domain network .Internet was fine

After troubleshooting by the corporate support department, i was summoned to deinstall CIS 6. Because that was the cause of all problems. So i did, but i do use the laptop at home and i want to be secure.

What can i do to have a secure system? I would really want CIS 6 but i cannot use the firewall function of CIS in conjunction with the enforced Windows firewall. They will not let me disable the Windows Firewall…

What can i do?

Since Windows 8, CIS no longer disables Windows Firewall, as they should be able to exist next to each other.
CIS registers what it desires to filter. So in theory it should work fine.

Just don’t make any changes to the Windows firewall that may conflict with your CIS firewall rules…

Alright thanks,

I’ve reinstalled CIS v6. Is there a good way to determine conflicts? The windows firewall if controlled by policy and i cannot modify it.
If i would blokc an application via CIS which also has a rule in Windows Firewall, would that result in weird behavoir?