CIS 6 notification thread?

Can someone from mods or admins create a “CIS 6 notification thread”. Then stickie and lock this thread.
Users will be able to subscribe to it and when CIS 6 BETA will be released, mod/admin will write a post to it.
This way everyone subscribed will get a mail notification. Meaning we won’t have to open the forum every hour to check and ppl won’t be asking “when when when”.

Crucial is using such method to notify users of SSD firmware updates and it works pretty well.


Subscribe to the CIS Beta forum… that should work.

Yeah well, then i’ll get notification for every thing users write there and isn’t necessarely CIS 6 related…

The CIS beta board will only contain CIS 6 beta topics, since there are no other CIS betas… anything else is usually moved. But, your choice.

I agree with RejZoR. :-TU

There is only one topic active in that board and that getting to think about it there erroneously.It is the topic that deals with translations for CIS.

I am sorry RejZor but this glass is half full and I am locking this topic…