CIS 6 latest & WiFi Driver

HP Pavilion DV4T-1500 Laptop
Win 7 64

WiFi Driver Installed -

HP drivers/softwares for my model has updated driver - I uninstalled the above mentioned driver, restarted laptop & installed this latest driver. But with this driver installed I had probs with CIS. Either CIS was giving error window, not started run diagnostics but diagnostics mentioned no probs or CIS was loading fine but I wasn’t able to open GUI, trying to open GUI laptop was freezing. Tried reinstalling the driver but the same probs.

Reinstalled the previous version & no such probs.

Any info like incompatibility, etc…? Anyone with same laptop &/or driver with probs?

Bug report?

You mean a formal bug report?

But I dont know if its a bug or any incompatibility or other issues.

One thing I forgot to mention in my 1st post. When I uninstall previous version to install latest version & restart laptop, previous version is automatically installed when laptop reaches desktop. So I have to install the latest version over the previous one, can this be the reason for the probs?

I meant a formal bug report indeed. Make you ran clean up tools for all security programs you had installed in the past to make sure we are not looking at a weird interaction with another driver or service.

The driver installation you are watching is regular but at first sight illogical Windows behaviour. Unless all drivers are deleted Windows will use the latest version of the driver it has.

You can in case needed uninstall a driver from Device Manger and then choose to “Delete the driver software for this device”. That way you will know for certain Windows will not be able to install a driver for that device. See attached image

[attachment deleted by admin]

I think the prob was in CIS i.e CIS got corrupted or something messed in CIS. Coz with the old driver too I got probs. Then I finally reinstalled CIS & no probs. I will check for few days & post here if the prob occured or not.

Actually I uninstalled a whole lot of craps from the laptop i.e HP products & other trials/offers. This freed 10GB in hardisk. Can uninstall mess or corrupt other products, in this case CIS? I uninstalled quite lot of products, app. 10-15.

Previously old driver appeared in add/remove too. But as I mentioned in my previous post windows automatically installs old driver & now the driver appears in device manager but not in add/remove, is it fine?

I will try the latest driver after few days.